Mr. D. Woods

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. D. Woods


I am Dan Woods and I am the engineering instructor here at the Darlington County Institute of Technology. I am married to my lovely wife and have two children.
My son attends University of Georgia (Veterinarian School)  and my daughter FDTC.

I graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have worked in various engineering companies such as GE Medical Systems Division in Florence, Harris Government Areospace Division in Palm Bay, Florida and Westinghouse Corporation in Tampa Florida. I am a part time adjunct professor with the FMU Industrial Engineering program and Physics departments. Also I have taught Engineering Technology courses at FDTC.

I teach Engineering Design I and II at the DCIT. These classes will help prepare you for the rigors of engineering college and can help you get accepted into college. In Engineering Design I class computer aided design (CAD) is emphasized.  In the Engineering Design II class 3D modeling is taught along with models being built on state of the art 3D printers.

These courses are designed for the student that is seriously interested in pursuing a career in engineering. Many of my students have been accepted at engineering colleges like Clemson, USC and other major engineering colleges.

Welcome back to the DCIT and I look forward to seeing you all in class!

Please feel free to contact me via E-mail .