Machine Tool I

Machine Tool Technology I Syllabus

Instructor:                  James A. Griggs

 Overview: The Machine Tool Technology class is designed to teach students basic machining skills that will allow them to enter into the workforce. The students will learn the proper use of machine tools, including the mill, lathe, horizontal and vertical saws, drill press, and grinders, with an emphasis on shop safety. The students will also incorporate blueprint reading, precision measurement, and mathematics into the class.

 Purpose: The purpose of the Machine Tool Technology class is to teach basic machining skills necessary for the students to enter one of the machine tool trades as apprentices.

 Materials:  Materials provided by the school

  • Textbook: Walker, John R. Machining Fundamentals. Tinley Park, Illinois: The Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc., 2000.
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Measuring Instruments

Assignments:It is expected that all assignments will be completed and submitted to the instructor. All assignments given will be used to determine the student’s grades.

 Grading: The student’s nine weeks grade will be determined by his or her performance in that grading period. The student will be evaluated by the instructor in the following areas:

 Tests and Projects – Grades for tests and projects account for 60% of the overall grade. For projects for every .001” out of tolerance, it will be minus 1pt. from the project grade.

 Quizzes and Daily Assignments – Grades for quizzes and daily assignments account for 40% of the overall grade.

 Attendance: Good attendance is essential for the student’s comprehension of the course material. The school attendance policy for tardies and absences will be followed.

 Make-up Work: Students are responsible for the work that is done in class during their absence. The student will have five days after returning to school to make arrangements with the instructor to complete all missed assignments.

 Classroom Rules: The following are the classroom rules. I expect all of the rules to be followed.

  • Students will be prepared for class.
  • Students will follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Students will show respect for themselves, their peers, teachers, and equipment at all times.
  • Students will allow Mr. Griggs to teach and allow their classmates to learn.
  • Students will obey all school and district rules.

 Contact Info: I can be contacted via telephone at (843) 398-3536 or via email at